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Saturday 11 January 2020

Amazon Alexa Commands list

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Amazon Alexa Commands
What is Amazon Alexa (Meet Alexa)
Amazon Alexa is voice assistant for every one while your age not matters how old are you.
You cant believe that which type of  work can perform by Amazon Echo, Alexa Awesome Work with only done by your Voice. This is very useful for every one.

Alexa is the brain behind the Echo devices . Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question—just ask and Alexa will respond. Alexa updates through the cloud automatically and is continually learning, adding new functionality and skills. Here are some of the ways Alexa can make your life easier and more fun. 
The Learning a go-to list of Alexa commands requires a bit of time, but doing so is essential to making your Amazon Echo experience the best it can be. You can Expert in Alexa Voice Commands

Alexa, the brain behind Echo Dot, is built in the cloud, so it is always getting smarter. The more you use Dot, the more Alexa adapts to your speech patterns and vocabulary. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question – just ask and Alexa will respond instantly.

After all, Alexa without your commands is nothing - the voice assistant living inside your smart speaker is there to bring music, control smart home gadgets and bring daily weather and news updates. Hence Voice command is very important factors for Alexa , This is very important that you know about Alexa Commands so you can easily performs all work with only voice commands.  How to given command to Amazon Alexa Command

So, whether you're just learning to talk or you're a smart home veteran in need of a refresher, here's 80 of the best Amazon Alexa commands to try. 

Let See Basic Commands for Amazon alexa 

1 Music & Entertainment
Alexa provides hands-free voice control for music and entertainment.
Echo Dot streams music from Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Hungama Music and TuneIn - just ask for your favorite artist or song, or request a specific genre or mood. Search for music by album, decade, or let Alexa pick the music for you. Or wake up to your favorite music by setting a musical alarm. With Amazon Prime Music, you can also create and manage your personal playlist.
Alexa helps you listen to music from services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, TuneIn and more. Amazon Prime members have access to millions songs, ad-free in over 10 languages. You can ask for music by genre, album, song, artist, mood, or era.

Go to your Alexa App and select "Settings">"Music & Media" to choose your default music service.

Now control your Fire TV with Alexa

Pair Fire TV and Echo devices, allowing you to control your Fire TV with Alexa. Just ask Alexa to play and search for movies and TV shows, launch apps, and control playback from Prime Video, Netflix and others on your Fire TV. Follow the instructions below and find out everything you can do on Fire TV using Echo

2. Introducing Alexa communication
Alexa communication is now available across the Echo devices. You can use your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus or Echo Spot to call or message anyone with a supported Echo device or Alexa app—at no additional cost.

Hands-free calling
Making calls with Alexa is easy. Once you’ve synced your contacts in the Alexa App, just ask Alexa to place a call.Alexa will let you know when someone is calling, and a green light ring will appear on your supported Echo device. You can ask Alexa to answer or ignore the call.

Drop In
Drop In is a new feature for the special cases when you want to connect quickly with your closest family and friends or with other Echo devices in your home. For example, you can drop in on kitchen to ask what time dinner will be ready or check in with a close relative. With Drop In, you’re always in control – turn it on or off at any time, select who is allowed to drop in on you and choose which devices are available for Drop In. You can also decline Drop Ins and block callers

Messaging Made Easy
In addition to calling, you can use Alexa to easily send and receive voice messages. Just ask to send a message, then tell Alexa what you’d like to say and she’ll send it.You’ll hear an alert when you have a new voice message, and a yellow light ring will appear on your supported device. You’ll also be notified in the Alexa App so you can stay in touch wherever you are.

Amazon Alexa Command 
3. News & Sports
Alexa can help you stay connected to the news & sports updates that matters most to you.

Flash Briefing
Flash Briefing lets you put together a personalized lineup of updates from news sources like Times of India, NDTV, Aaj Tak, Economic times.Ask Alexa:

As you’re getting ready for your day, Alexa can tell you about the weather to help you plan your day. Alexa how the weather’s looking.

Get scores, schedules and stats for the major cricket leagues or set up a personalized Sports Update to keep tabs on your favorite teams. Just ask:

As you’re getting ready for your day, Alexa can tell you about the weather to help you plan your day. Alexa how the weather’s looking.

Local Search
Ask Alexa to find movies playing in nearby theatres or provide you with information on local restaurants – including addresses, phone numbers and business hours. Just ask:
4. Question and Answers
Alexa can help you find quick answers to questions without having to log on to the internet and search for answers
5 Help Around the House 
To-Do Lists
Every Alexa account comes with To-do Lists. Use your voice to add items, then access those lists by voice or in your Alexa App.
Learn more or just ask:

Kitchen help
Alexa is a great cooking companion. Whether you need help setting up a timer or decoding the complex recipe, ask Alexa:

6 Smart Home
Switch on the lamp and turn on the geyser without getting out of bed or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie—all without lifting a finger.

7. Fun and Games

Game Night Help
Hosting a game night? Whether your crew is into cards, board games, or role-playing, Alexa can help. Just ask:
Jokes and fun stuff
When it comes to helping you, Alexa is very serious. The rest of the time … well, just ask:

Games skills
Try different games skills on Alexa to have fun .. And even learn. Just ask:

Alexa, the Storyteller
Alexa has lots of stories to tell. Just ask:

About Alexa
Do you want to know more about Alexa? Just ask:

8. Shopping
Voice Shopping
Prime members can use Alexa to order Prime-eligible items from Amazon. Reordering is a snap, too. Learn more or Ask Alexa:

Shopping lists
Every Alexa account comes with a Shopping List. Use your voice to add items, then access your list in your Alexa App when you’re at the store. Learn more or ask

9. Alexa Skills
Alexa has thousands of skills with more added regularly. Skills add even more capabilities like ordering food from Zomato, requesting a ride from Ola, booking a carpenter from Urbanclap and more

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