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Monday 23 March 2020

Top 4 websites to Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live

Stay Safe Wear Mask, Protect Your Self from COVID-19 Thanks For Visit My Website
Top 4 websites to Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live

We put this list together after disconnecting from social media within the hopes that others who are disgusted the hype, bad advice, and faux news may additionally have an interest in "just the facts."

We've tried to form it easy for you to skim and inspect any of the subsequent websites. you'll click the link next to every number, but also the image that you simply find catches your eye.


Here is Top 4 Website to track the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) Live Status

Every one is fear with COVID-19 because this is not controllable disease so every one have fear and to know live status of Coronavirus

1. Avi Schiffmann's  Click Here

Avi Schiffmann is a 17-year old kid from Seattle who launched this website, and it's our favorite to use. Data is scraped from numerous sources every minute and includes total infected, serious, deaths, recovered, and countries. His website is easy to read and provides details at a glance. Check his about page for his LinkedIn or consider buying him a cup of coffee.
Top 4 websites to Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live

Top 4 websites to Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live

2.  Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard Click Here
The John Hopkins website offers a lot of details by country, with as much or as little detail as you want. John Hopkins was designed for public health authorities, researchers, and you.
and live update of COVID-19

Top 4 websites to Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live

3. World Health Organization (WHO)  Click Here

The World Health organization website is easy to read and use, but not updated as frequently as others. You can breakdown by country, date graph, and more.
Top 4 websites to Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live

Since you're at MajorGEEKS, here's a website that's much geekier than the others. The Nextstrain COVID-19 dashboard tracks pathogen genome data. You can view the map as a clock, world, radial, and unrooted. You can modify the date range and look up other infections. We thought that it would be overwhelming, but the more we played, the more we liked the way Nexstrain worked.
Top 4 websites to Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live
Live Status of Coronavirus COVID-19

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