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Saturday 11 April 2020

What is Everyday Care Card of Religare Health Insurance, and How to use your Everyday Care Card

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What is Everyday Care Card of Religare Health Insurance ?

Your family may avoid hospitalization for many years at a stretch. this is step follow of "Prevention is Better Than Cures"  However, you have to be really fortunate to avoid doctor consultation for even a few months. For all the visits for all routine visits to the hospital - we give you 1% of your Sum Insured for doctor consultation & diagnostic tests each. This can be availed via a cashless health card and additional premium paid to avail this add- on cover is also applicable for tax benefit under section 80D of IT act.
What is Everyday Care Card of Religare Health Insurance, and How to use your Everyday Care Card

Here is simple step to Use your EVERYDAY CARE card of Religare Health Insurance Company

Check 'Everyday Care'
network center by visiting

Visit OPD Service provider with your 'Everyday Care' Card & an original copy of any valid
Government Photo ID Proof

Service Provider will deduct 8096* from Everyday Care Card. Pay you r share of 20% co-payment

You will get an instant notification of the service availed through SMS and email

What is Everyday Care Card of Religare Health Insurance, and How to use your Everyday Care Card

*Maximum up 10 Care Benefit BILLINGt UNTE' 


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