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Wednesday 2 February 2022

Crucial Tips and Tricks to Prepare Data Interpretation and Analysis for SBI PO Exam

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Crucial Tips and Tricks to Prepare Data Interpretation and Analysis for SBI PO Exam

The banking industry employs a majority of the country's workforce. The number of candidates applying for the SBI PO exams has seen a major increase in the past few years making it one of the most awaited banking examinations in India.. Thereby, increasing the competition. 

English language, quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, and general awareness are the four primary sections of the online exam. One of the most difficult sections is quantitative aptitude.

The Data interpretation and analysis section in the SBI PO Mains examination contributes 60 marks out of the total 200 marks. With that said, scoring well in this section is extremely important for you to clear the SBI PO Mains cut-off to achieve your dream of bagging a prestigious banking job. Since there is no set syllabus for data interpretation, it becomes a hefty task for candidates to prepare for it.

On that note, let’s discuss a few important tips and tricks to solve data interpretation and analysis questions smartly with ease.

Crucial Tips and Tricks to Prepare Data Interpretation and Analysis for SBI PO Exam
Crucial Tips and Tricks to Prepare Data Interpretation and Analysis for SBI PO Exam

Speed Up Your Calculations 

The first step toward improving data interpretation skills in the SBI PO mains exam is to speed up your calculations.In order to earn a good score in Data Interpretation, you must maintain both speed and accuracy. In order to master the data interpretation section, you must be thorough with:

  • Short tricks for multiplication of two-digit numbers, two-digit numbers by three and multiplication between three-digit numbers.

  • Learn squares and cubes upto 4 digit perfect squares and 6 digit perfect cubes respectively.

  • Learn table at least upto 20, practice well multiplication and division by 5, 25, 75, 125.

  • Without using a pen or paper, try to practise the calculations mentally as much as possible.

Use Approximation in Calculations

As we all know, there is a lot of maths involved in data interpretation in the form of Averages, Fractions,Percentages, Ratios, and more. Approximating reduces the chances of making dumb mistakes and allows you to get a rough solution to the question in less time. You will also learn how to apply Percentage to Fraction Conversion effectively in this part. It allows us to calculate more quickly during exams.

Catch the right Data

When it comes to data interpretation, you must be careful to read data from the correct location. It's quite easy to copy numbers from the wrong graph, bar, or line while collecting data from a bar, chart, table, or graph.

The first step in avoiding these foolish blunders when copying numbers, especially in an online exam, is to comprehend the nature of the data and pay close attention to the units.

Become familiar with all types of Data

You'll note that there are different types of questions in this section as you solve Data Interpretation questions. Make an effort to learn all of the different types and formats of Data Interpretation questions. It will boost your self-assurance and assist you in answering the DI questions.

For instance, a question asked in the exam can be a table or line or bar graph. Furthermore, it can be based on Profit and Loss or partnership or probability or other concepts. Therefore, you should know how to study all types of data analysis graphs and be thorough with all data interpretation associated concepts.


You should put in as much practice time as possible. The only way to succeed is to answer the question in the allotted time and ahead of the competition. This will assist you in persevering in answering difficult queries. 

To begin, you must develop your fundamental concepts, and practice will give you an advantage, allowing you to simply scan the material and provide a response. You must practise high-quality questions that correspond to the exam's difficulty level.


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