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Thursday 26 December 2019

Shortcuts keys of Microsoft Word, Shortcuts Keys for MS Word

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Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word
(Microsoft Word key Shortcuts)

Why Required Microsoft Word key Shortcuts: 
Key short is require to improve your working scale, Speed , If you know keyboard shortcuts you are the expert of Laptop This shortcut perform as different different software, or application,
Shortcuts key depend on Application.
Microsoft Word key Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word
Keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity if your daily job relies heavily on using Windows. They just don’t get the work done quickly, but also improves the efficiency. Give them a try and you just might find yourself getting addicted to keyboard shortcuts.

1. Function Key Shortcut
microsoft word shortcut keys and their functions

F1 Key = Get help on a selected command or use the Office assistant.

F2 Key = Move text or image.

F3 Key = Insert an autotext entry.

F4 Key =  Perform last action again.

F5 Key =  Displays the Go To dialogue box. You can also get to Find and Replace from here.

F6 Key = Go to the next frame or pane.

F7 Key =  Launch the Spell Checker.

F8 Key = Extend the current selection.

F9 Key =  Refresh.

F10 Key = Show KeyTips.

F11 Key = Go to the next field.

F12 Key = Open Save As, equivalent to tools menu.

SHIFT + Function Key Shortcut

SHIFT +F1 Key = Review text formatting.

SHIFT +F2 Key =  Copy text.

SHIFT +F3 Key =  Change the case of the selected text.

SHIFT +F4 Key =  Perform a Find or Go To action again.

SHIFT +F5 Key = Move to a previous revision.

SHIFT +F6 Key = Go to the previous frame or pane.

SHIFT +F7 Key = Launch the Thesaurus.

SHIFT +F8 Key = Shrink the current selection.

SHIFT +F9 Key = Switch between a field code and its result.

SHIFT +F10 Key = Display a Shortcut Menu (same as right-clicking).

SHIFT +F11 Key = Go to the previous field.

SHIFT +F12 Key = Save document, equivalent to tools menu.

shortcut keys of ms word 2007

CTRL +  A  = Selects all in the current document.

CTRL +  B  =  Bold

CTRL +  C  = Copies the item or text.

CTRL +  D  = Displays the Font dialogue box.

CTRL +  E  =  Switch a paragraph between center and left alignment.

CTRL +  F  = Displays the Find dialog box to search the current document.

CTRL +  G  = Displays the Go To dialog box to search for a specific location in the current                                       document.
CTRL +  H  = Displays the Replace dialogue box.

CTRL +  I  =  Italicize text.

CTRL +  J  = Switch a paragraph between justified and left alignment.

CTRL +  K  = Create a hyperlink.

CTRL +  L  = Left align a paragraph.

CTRL +  M  = Indent a paragraph from the left.

CTRL +  N  = Create a new document.

CTRL +  O  = Opens a new document.

CTRL +  P  = Prints a document.

CTRL +  R  = Switch the alignment of a paragraph between left and right.

CTRL +  S  = Saves a document.

CTRL +  U  = Underlines text.

CTRL +  V  = Pastes the copied item or text.

CTRL +  X  = Cuts the selected item or text.

CTRL +  Y  = Redo the last action.

CTRL +  Z  = Undo the last action.

CTRL +  ENTER  = Insert a page break.

CTRL +  F2 = Select Print Preview command.

CTRL +  F4  = Closes the active window.

CTRL +  F6  = Opens the next window if multiple are open.

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