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Sunday 29 December 2019

Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel

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Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Excel
Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys
Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel

Function Keys Shortcuts for Excel

F2 Key = Edit the active cell.

F5 Key = Displays the Go To box.

F7 Key = Open the Spelling dialogue box to check a selected range.

F11 Key = Create a chart of data in the current range in a separate sheet.

ALT + SHIFT F1 Key = Insert a new worksheet.

Shift Plus Keyboard Shortcuts

SHIFT F3 Key =  Opens Insert Function dialogue box.

SHIFT F5 Key = Opens the Find and Replace dialogue box.

SHIFT + UP Arrow  =   Text Selection Direction on Up side

SHIFT Down Arrow  =   Text Selection Direction on Down  side

SHIFT Left Arrow  =   Text Selection Direction From Cursor to Left  side

SHIFT Right Arrow  =   Text Selection Direction From Cursor to Right side

Control Plus Key Shortcuts 

CTRL SHIFT + :   Enter the current time.

CTRL  ;   Enter the current date.

CTRL A     Select all content in the worksheet.

CTRL B    Bold highlighted selection.

CTRL I    Italicize highlighted selection.

CTRL K    Open the Insert hyperlink dialogue box.

CTRL U    Underline highlighted selection.

CTRL 5    Apply strikethrough formatting.

CTRL + P    Brings up the print dialog box.

CTRL Z    Undo.

CTRL X    Cut selected Text

CTRL Y   Redo 

CTRL +F9 Key =   Minimize a workbook window to an icon.

CTRL +F10 Key =   Maximize a selected workbook window.

CTRL +F6 Key =   Switch to the next workbook window when multiple are open.

CTRL Page Up    Move to previous sheet in a workbook.

CTRL Page Down    Move to next sheet in a workbook.

CTRL TAB    Switch to next tab in dialogue box.

CTRL '    Insert the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected.

CTRL SHIFT + !  Apply the Number format.

CTRL SHIFT + $    Apply the Currency format.

CTRL SHIFT + #   Apply the Date format.

CTRL SHIFT + %    Apply the Percentage format.

CTRL SHIFT + ^   Apply the Exponential format.

CTRL SHIFT + @   Apply the Time format.

CTRL ARROW KEY     Move to the edge of the current data region in a worksheet.

CTRL SPACE     Select an entire column in a worksheet.

SHIFT SPACE     Select an entire row in a worksheet.

If you want to learn more More short cute of Excel than you can also check the short of every this

How to see excel shortcuts  Follow simple step to know excel shortcuts

Step 1 : Open Excel

Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel
Step 2 : Press Alt

after pressing alt key you can see small letter on Excel Menu than simple press that keyword

Example :

I want Filter on selected Area
Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel

than First Select Area where you want to use Filter

Than Press alt + H+S+F  You can see that Filter is Putted ..


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