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Sunday 29 December 2019

Windows Shortcut Keys, Shortcuts Keys for Windows

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Shortcuts Keys for Windows
Shortcuts Keys for Windows
Windows Shortcut Keys

WINDOWS R  =  Opens the Run menu.

WINDOWS E  =   Opens Explorer.

WINDOWS Up aRROW  =  Maximize current window.

WINDOWS BREAK  =  Opens system properties.

WINDOWS F  =  Opens search for files and folders.

WINDOWS D  =  Hide/display the desktop.

WINDOWS M  =  Minimize all windows.

WINDOWS F1  =  Open Windows Help and Support.

WINDOWS TAB  =  Open Task view.

CTRL SHIFT  +  Esc   Open Task Manager.

ALT TAB  =   Switch between open programs.

ALT Esc  =   Switch between programs in order they were opened.

ALT Letter  =   Select menu item by underlined letter.

CTRL Esc  =   Open Start menu.

CTRL F4  =   Close active document (does not work with some applications).

ALT F4  =   Quit active application or close current window.

ALT SPACEBAR  =   Open menu for active program.

CTRL LEFT ARROW  =   Move cursor Back one Word

CTRL RIGHT ARROW  =   Move cursor forward one word

CTRL UP ARROW  =   Move cursor back one Paragraph

CTRL DOWN ARROW  =   Move cursor forward one paragraph

F1   =   Open Help menu for active application.

WINDOWS F1  =   Open Windows Help and Support.

SHIFT WINDOWS  +  M   Restore windows that were minimized with previous                                                                              keystroke.
HOLD RIGHT SHIFT + 8 Sec   Switch FilterKeys on and off.

LEFT ALT LEFT SHIFT  +  PRINT scr  Switch High Contrast on and off.

LEFT ALT LEFT SHIFT  +  Num Lk  Switch Mouse keys on and off.

Press  SHIFT  5 Times = Switch Sticky keys on and off.

HOLD NUMLOCK + 5 Sec    Switch Toggle keys on and off.

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