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Thursday 16 January 2020

Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys

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Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys

Hello Friends If  you are using Internet Explorer than this post is help full for you because i am telling here some but important Shortcut Keys to Increase your using experience of Browsing ..  

Here is some Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys which is very Attractive for Explorer  

So try these Shortcut Keys 
ALT + LEFT ARROW     [Go back to the previous page.]

ALT + RIGHT ARROW    [Go to next page.]

F5   [Refresh page.]

F11 [Toggle between full-screen and regular view.]

ESC [Stop downloading a page.]

CTRL + +OR - + E [Display all folders above the selected folder]

ALT + LEFT ARROW + E [Display all folders above the selected folder]

CTRL + +OR -  :  [Zoom in or out of page by 10%]

CTRL  + Enter  : [Adds www. at the beginning and .com to the end of any text entered in the Address bar.]

CTRL + D  :  [Add the current site to your favourites.]

CTRL + F  :  [ Find on this Page]

CTRL + E  :    [ Go to Address Bar For Search]

CTRL + H  :   [Check Visited  Page History]

CTRL + I    :   [View your favourites.]

CTRL + N    :   [Open a new window. ]

CTRL + P    :    [Print the current page.]

CTRL + T   : [ Open a new tab.]

CTRL + F4   :   [Closes tabs in the background.]

CTRL + Tab   :   [Switch between tabs.]

Spacebar   :   [Click the notification bar.]

SHIFT + Spacebar   :   [Move up one page.]

CTRL +SHIFT + DEL    : [ Delete Browsing ]

ALT + Down Arrow   :   [Move a selected item down the favorites list.]

ALT + Home   :    [Go to Home Page]

ALT + C   :   [ View Favorites]

ALT + X   :  [Open Explorer Setting]

Use this Given Short Cut and and increase your speed during Surfing of internet

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