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Monday 30 March 2020

HUAWEI P40 5G Front and Rear Camera Specification and Features

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HUAWEI P40 5G Front and Rear Camera Specification and Features

"Never stop exploring life and creating stories. Working as a highly unified system, the Ultra Vision Leica Triple Camera always backs you up to shoot any day or night, whether the subject is up close or at a distance. Effortlessly capture what you see and let it speak for what you feel"

HUAWEI P40 5G Front and Rear Camera Specification and Features

HUAWEI P40 5G Rear Camera Specification
Huawei P40 5G Comes with 3 Rear Camera
50 MP Ultra Vision Camera
1/1.28 inch Ultra Vision Sensor
RYYB colour filter array
Octa PD Autofocus
Take in massive light and detail for super clarity.

16 MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera
Ultra wide angle photography
2.5 cm macro shot
Explore the world from different angles.

8 MP Telephoto Camera
3x Optical Zoom1
5x Hybrid Zoom2
30x Max Zoom
Capture the beauty in a distance.

The industry-leading 1/1.28 inch sensor with 2.44 μm super large pixel size now appears in a smartphone. Plus with the RYYB colour filter array, it brings massive light, high dynamic range, and low noise. Supporting 4-in-1 pixel binning and Octa PD Autofocus, the 50 MP main camera redefines super clarity shooting with precise details regardless of the scene complexity and light conditions. The HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine powered by the upgraded ISP and NPU is fully competent to swiftly process the huge amount of information and enhance extraordinary clarity at pixel-level for every picture, day or night.

HUAWEI P40 5G Camera Features
Every Part Tells Another Great Story
Enjoy the grand view with the 50 MP main camera just like how your eyes see, but full of amazing details. Magnify any small part from the frame and you get another great shot with rich texture and colour.

Just a Bit of Light, Your Desired Clarity
Thanks to the HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor, even in the dark, your confident smile, fancy dress and the stunning night skyline can be captured with great lighting, sharp colour and low noise. Discover stories within stories.

Multiple Focal Lengths for Different Stories
Offering 3x Optical Zoom and up to 30x Max Zoom, HUAWEI P40 lets you capture the scene in different distances. See the wide view first, then the detailed part, and lastly something you did not even notice before. Still the same scene, but different stories.

Seize the Elegance in Depth
Reflecting the purity of nature, HUAWEI P40 adopts the solid colours of Deep Sea Blue, Ice White, Black, Blush Gold and Silver Frost. The refractive matte finish accentuates an ethereal sense of depth that reveals elegance and inner peace in every shade.

Get Closer. It Gets Better and Better
It is so impressive to discover the finest details from 2.5 cm close. With the macro lens, you can observe complicated inner parts of a watch, delicate insect wings or exotic patterns of paintings.

HUAWEI Golden Snap
AI Best Moment5
The AI motion algorithm detects and recognizes posture and expression features. It takes a moving picture and then the Gallery Edit feature recommends 1-3 pictures of the best moving moment.

HUAWEI Golden Snap
AI Remove Passersby5
Let the AI capability of Gallery Edit help you remove the passersby7 by combining several frames into one. So you can have a clean background and the focus completely stands out.

HUAWEI Golden Snap
AI Remove Reflection5
Don't let light reflection ruin a good photo. The AI capability of Gallery Edit will help you fix it by removing the specific layer.

AI Makes the Magic Happen

huawei p40 pro golden snap AI Best Moment

huawei p40 pro golden snap AI Remove Passersby

huawei p40 pro golden snap AI Remove Reflection

The AI Portrait Studio for You and Everyone
Benefit from the Ultra Vision main camera and Multi-Spectrum Colour Temperature Sensor with AI AWB Algorithm, HUAWEI P40 has 45%4 better colour precision and is capable of accurate analysis and segmentation of environments and people. With pixel level enhancement, it restores the original look with great lighting, natural colour and sharp details. Always be ready to take high-quality portrait photos for anyone, in any time or scene.
Reproduce your natural skin colour in a pure background.

huawei p40 close up portrait
Even the eyebrow and hair strands are sharp and clear in the close-up.

huawei p40 backlit hdr portrait
Just the right amount of light to illuminate your face in the backlit environment.

huawei p40 lowlight portrait
Your smile is stunning in the dark.

huawei p40 group portrait
Everyone is the leading role.

HUAWEI P40 5G Front Camera Specification
"Relax. You Always Look Good"
Always be confident to show the real you. The 32 MP front camera carefully keeps your features and intelligently adjusts the lighting colour and lighting on your face to make every selfie look nice and natural.

The soft lighting, real skin-tone and natural texture make a good selfie.

huawei p40 front camera lowliht selfie
Even a bit of light can clearly show the accurate and natural colours.

huawei p40 front camera grouphie
Multi-focus plus the distortion correction contribute to a good grouphie which makes everyone happy.

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