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Thursday 16 April 2020

Scala Web Hosting : The next step in Hosting Evolution

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Scala Web Hosting
Scala Web Hosting : The next step in Hosting Evolution
Scala Web Hosting : The next step in Hosting Evolution
Choosing a reliable web hosting service for your website is a very crucial and important decision when it comes to ensuring the best for your website. The Selection of the right hosting can improve your SEO and increase sales. There is so much to consider when you are out there choosing the perfect web hosting service provider for yourself with help of Internet. You have to look for the amount of security, reliability, and speed that your host promises and privacy of your website. It is equally important to assess your set of needs that you want your chosen hosting service to fulfill all above conditions.

A competent and reliable web hosting service needs to be fast, secure, reliable, and definitely not this not very expensive. It should guarantee maximum uptime and robust server health. The support offered by your chosen web host provider should be impeccable, fast, and seamless. 24×7 customer assistance is one of the most vital web hosting features to look for, especially, if you are new to web hosting. Well, all of this should be available at a competitive price and not burn a hole in your pocket and not heavy on your pocket.

Once you have evaluated your hosting needs, based on your requirement, you can always choose from Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated and managed WordPress hosting. Well, there are so many service providers out there that one is bound to get confused. With all of them offering a myriad set of features at a highly competitive price, you need a way out of these choices. This is where Scala Hosting enters the scenario and claims to be changing the status quo in the web hosting industry.

Scala Hosting from 11 years, Kickstarted in 2007 with a vision to bring VPS hosting to everyone, Scala Hosting wanted to help people build amazing things on the web. Their vision has been extensive in providing a secure, scalable and easy to manage web hosting service for the people of the Internet.

Scala is a Cloud VPS service managed by experts, aimed at providing dedicated resources and improved security to its hosting service seekers. With Scala, you can easily host unlimited websites and never get blacklisted. Its services are comparatively faster than shared hosting and help with better Google rankings. If you are a small or medium website owner, Scala offers a fast & SShield secure hosting for your requirements. In fact, every website that chooses Scala web hosting is protected by its breakthrough SShield Cybersecurity protection.

Why Choose Scala Web Hosting?
Scala Hosting offers three types of hosting to choose from:
·      1.  Classic shared hosting
·       2. Managed VPS (virtual private server), and
·       3. Self-managed VPS

For small to medium-size websites, from personal blogs to advanced business pages, Scala’s shared hosting plans will be adequate. However, they say that it is best to try something out before claiming its reliability and performance. Scala claims to offer 100% customer satisfaction and is ranked #1 in TrustPilot and WHTOP. Scala has powered over 700,000 websites of customers from 120+ countries.

By choosing Scala hosting, one can trust them for their high-performance, ultra-secure, and low-cost hosting service. Scala’s cloud VPS has also ensured a control panel, daily backups & snapshots, fully managed by experts 24/7/365 for as low as $12 per month for its hosting customers. Their web hosting services include:

1. Web Hosting: This plan provides free & effortless migration, free SSL Certificates for all websites, 1-Click WordPress Installation, and 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

2. Unlimited Web Hosting: This plan provides unlimited web hosting protected by SShield powered by 24/7 technical support. The plan provides free and effortless migration, Free SSL Certificates for all websites, 1-Click installer for 450 apps, and 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

3. Business Web Hosting
4. Best Reseller Hosting
5. Business Email Hosting
6. Managed SSD Cloud VPS
7. Unmanaged SSD Cloud VPS
8. Dedicated Servers

If you are a reseller and find yourself interested in knowing more about Scala Hosting and its set of features, you should check the link.

The amazing SPanel of Scala Web Hosting
The traditional cPanel has always been a power-suite. Scala SPanel’s is an “all-in-one” hosting platform for managing cloud VPS services that help you save money on your cPanel license fee. Not just that, SPanel has its own array of many other benefits of being light-weight, faster and without any software limitations. SPanel also makes shared web hosting irrelevant because there are no other software limitations.

With shared web hosting, security is always a concern; a single hacked site on the server can break havoc for the other sites as well. However, with SPanel’s “all-in-one” hosting platform, you get to have better security and faster websites with 100% Email Delivery. Here are the salient features of SPanel:

User Interface: Lets you easily manage your emails, forwarders, anti-spam settings, domain names, databases, DNS zones, SSL certificates and more.
The Admin Interface: Access to the admin interface allows to manage the accounts on the server. Lets you add, remove and modify accounts, change passwords, suspend or unsuspend websites. One can easily view the server status, health, restart individual services or the whole server if needed.
Lightning-Fast Web Hosting: Supports Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed; loads website instantly
Free Migration: Get free migration service for unlimited websites at no additional cost. The service also verifies work on the new server. No downtime ensured while migration in process.
Free SSL for every website
Multiple PHP Versions: You can have a different PHP version for each of your websites. SPanel supports all PHP versions from 5.6 onwards.
Demo Available on request
Impeccable support

Scala Web Hosting Features You'll Love:

1. Remote Daily Backup
Your website data is always secure & protected with automatic daily backups, on a remote server. Easily restore data with 1 click.
2. SShield Cybersecurity
SShield is the ultimate cybersecurity
it blocks 99.98% of web attacks and monitors your website 24/7, real-time.
3-Click Installer
Install WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla and other CMS, and more that 100+ scripts & apps with a single click.

Your Websites Deserve Faster, Secure & Reliable Hosting
Industry-leading Performance & Speed
Free & Effortless Migration
Free SSL Certificates For ALL Websites
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
30-day Money-back Guarantee

To conclude, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Scala is the next step in hosting evolution in the web hosting industry. It provides excellent features and performance at attractive prices and that too as a package. Free website migrations, unlimited websites, CMS (content management system) auto-installers, backups, Scala Hosting provide free SSL certificates on the offer is also quite the deal offered by them. The support feature offered by Scala is excellent and extremely fast. If you want to experience the complete power of their proprietary hosting panel, now is the time to choose Scala Hosting for their innovative hosting features.

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