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Thursday 16 April 2020

What is Scala Hosting, Why Choose Scala Hosting

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What is Scala Hosting
Scala Hosting is a Leader in Web Hosting Technology. 
Scalahosting was started in 2007, Mission was scala hosting to make VPS hosting a resource that anyone like students, developers, business and large-scale teams  and  can use to build amazing things on the web.Scala Hosting Team worked hard to make the cloud secure, scalable and easy to manage. and much better in use.
What is Scala Hosting, Why Choose Scala Hosting
Scala Hosting organisation is very big. The customer network of SCALA HOSTING is very big

1. customers : 50,000 +
2. Website Hosted : 700,000 +
3. Years From : 13 Years in this Business

The Goal of Scala Hosting
1. Cost and Supports : We believe VPS should be high performance, ultra-secure, and low-cost. Every website owner in the world can finally have their self cloud VPS with a control panel, daily backups & snapshots, fully managed by experts 24/7/365 for just $12 per month with the Scala Hosting
There isn't any other company in the world which can match that offer right now as Offered Provided by Scala Hosting. 

2. Customer Satisfaction ScalaHosting Goal : 1 Goal Our Clients must be happy no matter what.
At ScalaHosting, we guarantee absolute satisfaction. For 2019, our customer satisfaction was above 99%
3. Service Provides : World-class in-house solutions powering the future of web hosting.
Every day our internal R&D department focuses on changing the status quo in the web hosting industry.
ScalaHosting made that possible in the last 4 years by developing the SPanel control
panel, SShield, and the cloud management platform which orchestrates the cloud clusters of Scala Hosting worldwide.
4. All In One Service : Whatever your hosting needs, ScalaHosting platform will give you the tools you need to grow your business.

Why Choose Scala Hosting
Customers love ScalaHosting. That’s why we are rated #1 in TrustPilot and WHTOP. If you want to check Review Just search for “SCALAHOSTING REVIEWS” in Google and see what clients say about us or simply read the reviews on our Facebook page

Powering over more than 700 000 websites of customers from 120+ countries, ScalaHosting has been doing innovations since 11 years. SPanel is the latest innovation which made the managed VPS services affordable by scala Hosting

If you are not happy, we’ll give your money back. No questions asked 100% refundable

Service of Scala Hosting : 
Scala Hosting Company Provide Different Different Type of service , There are numbers of service and hosting available in there plan

In Hosting Service Type many type of service provided by Scala Hosting Like

a. Web Hosting
b. Unlimited Web Hosting
c. Business Web Hosting
d. Best Reseller Hosting
e. Business Email Hosting
 f. Managed SSD Cloud VPS
g. Unmanaged SSD Cloud VPS
h. Dedicated Servers

a. WordPress Hosting
b. Magento Hosting
c. Joomla Hosting
d. Drupal Hosting
e. Prestashop Hosting
f. Moodle Hosting
g. WooCommerce Hosting

a. Domain Names
b. Domain Reseller Account
c. SSL Certificates
e. Affiliate Program

Check Now Scala Hosting Service

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